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When writing the screenplay for adolescent abduction movie For Good, local director Stuart McKenzie played the debut Dimmer album I Believe You Are A Star over and over again. "The haunting moodiness of the music seeped into the story and became the soundtrack for the images floating through my head," he said at the time.

So when the movie's rough footage was in the can, McKenzie approached Dimmer's Shayne Carter to create the soundtrack. And it is superb – a sinister companion piece to the new Dimmer album, containing much of the dark, menacing throbbery and claustrophobic atmosphere that album sacrificed in favour of simpler, more direct songs. Listen with the lights on – "The Abduction" is a feedback-flayed instrumental of unparalleled malevolence, "Car Ride" drives a churning techno riff down through the gates of hell and "Tracey's Theme" is sad, lost and lonely; an endless autumn afternoon of a tune.

Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times, May 30 2004


Tracey's Theme (MP3, 2.15MB)

Smoke (MP3, 3.31MB)

The Abduction (MP3, 1.87MB)

Tracey's Room (MP3, 2.25MB)

Carride (MP3, 2.14MB)

Forgive Our Foolish Ways (MP3, 1.76MB)

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